Giorgio Siligardi,
Art Director

What I Do

My specialization

Web Design

Showcase and e-commerce websites, social ADV, static and dynamic banners, graphic animation and videos.

Graphic & ADV

Fresh and modern style, designed to meet the needs of the customer and the product. From project to print.


Fine hand and computer illustrations, ideal for animations, graphic videos and particularly eye-catching storyboards.



Creative Director
and Co-founder of Air de Créativité
Graphic and communication studio

The firm has among its clients Hachette, Centauria, Aviva, Corman Italia, Elle & Vire France, Weiss, Museo Diocesano di Milano, Merz Pharma, Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò Pavese, Somfy, Kelly Services, etc ... Since 14 years the studio operates in the fields of publishing, food & beverage, insurance and pharmaceuticals, creating printed and web graphics, videos, TV commercials, packaging, BTL and above all a lot, a lot of creativity.

Creative CoNSuleNt and Art DirecTor For MerZ Pharma Italia

Merz Pharma, thanks to its Aesthetics division, is the rapidly growing German pharmaceutical company also (and above all) in the Italian market, thanks to a series of cutting-edge products for medical practices in the sector.


I am always looking for new stimuli to increase my knowledge

I am motivated and able to work both independently and in a team. After more than 25 years of work experience, I have developed multiple specializations both in the creative field (art direction, copywriting, illustration, animation, etc ...) and in the technical field (development of sites in WordPress and HTML environment, video editing, effects specials, social media, etc ...)

Software knowledge

Pacchetto adobe: Ps, Id, Ai, Ae, Pr, Fw, Dw, Fl, Ch, An
Altri software: Cinema 4D, Blender, Pages, Microsoft Office
Programmi on-line: Google Web Designer, Hootsuite, Later, WordPress, Mailchimp, Mobincube, Adalo
Social: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo
Sistemi operativi: Mac, Windows, Android lingue: Inglese (ottimo), francese (soprattutto letto)

About Me

The best service

Thanks to decades of experience with prominent national and international customers, there are many advantages deriving from this.

Creativity 100%
Graphic & Design quality 100%
Expense 50%
My Works

Week and the beauty

Design, Graphic

Harmony Wine


Orange is the new taste

Branding, Design, Graphic

Trusted from Brands


Certificates and Expertise

Nuovi Trend del Marketing Digitale

Attestato di partecipazione al corso "Nuovi Trend del Marketing Digitale Post Covid 19" dedicato all'esplorazione e alla comprensione, se non anticipazione, delle nuove tendenze influenzate ...

Digital Talent Acquisition

Migliaia di Responsabili Hr ricorrono alle tecniche di social recruitment per scovare i migliori candidati da inserire in azienda. Non c'è solo LinkedIn. Questo Webinar comprende ...

Milano, Italia

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